▷ 🥇 In the restaurant dialogue in Spanish simple dialogue in the restaurant (2023)

In the restaurant dialogue in Spanish

Most important questions and answers for a conversation in a restaurant in Spanish. What are themost important vocabulary for in the restaurantonSpanish?Here you will find rates for the restaurant. For example: The bill please: La cuenta por favor.

▷ 🥇 In the restaurant dialogue in Spanish simple dialogue in the restaurant (1)

In the restaurant dialogue in Spanish

How to order in Spanish? The easiest would be: for me a pizza: para mi una pizza, or look under more options.

A pizza, please

please a pizza

I would like to have a pizza

I would like or would like a Pizza

A pizza for me: for me a pizza

Good evening, do you have a reservation?

Good evening, do you have a reservation?

Please follow me, I'll take you to your table.

Please follow me, I'll take you to your table

The waiter will come immediately.

The waiter is coming soon

I'll bring you the card right away.

I bring you the letter

Cash or card?

In cash or by letter?

Is everything ok?

All good?

Vegetable soup with carrots.

Vegetable soup with potatoes

Very much.

With great pleasure

Would you like potato salad or green salad?

Do you want potato salad or green salad?

Of course. Come immediately.

Delighted, it comes right away

How are the noodles? Tastes like the pizza?

How about the pasta? How about the Pizza?

Have you already voted?

Are you ready to order?

Cash. And a bill, please.

The earliest I can offer you is 9pm.

The earliest I can offer you is 9pm.

The menu please.

The letter please

The soup is delicious, but unfortunately cold.

The soup is rich, but cold

I want to order something to eat.

I want to order something to eat.

Is there really nothing left?

Is there really nothing free?

Yes, a table for two in the name of Müller.

A table in the name of Müller.

We'd like a tiramisu.

We would like a tiramisu

Spanish restaurants in Zurich

Spanish restaurants in Zurich, You can eat well in Zurich. Would you like to taste Spanish specialties? We highly recommend a few restaurants: Casa Aurelio, Tribbus, Tapas Bar Casco Viejo: Iberico meat with gazpacho, eggplant with honey, a mixed Spanish sausage platter, …..

▷ 🥇 In the restaurant dialogue in Spanish simple dialogue in the restaurant (2)

Reserve a table in Spanish

A table for four at 7.30pm.

A table for four for 19.30.

Which name, please?

What name please?

In cash and please the account.

Please deliver the food to Meyer at 39 Street.

Please deliver the food to 39th Street in the name Meyer.

It takes about 40 minutes. payment upon delivery.

It takes about 40 minutes. Payment on delivery.

do you have a table outside

Do you have a table outside?

I would like to reserve a table.

I would like to reserve a table.

We would like a table in a quiet part of the restaurant.

We would like a table in a quiet area of ​​the restaurant.

We'd like dessert.

we would like dessert

Bring us the menu again, please?

Bring us the letter again please?

We would like to pay.

The check, please

Unfortunately we are fully booked.

Unfortunately, we are fully booked.

roast meatin Spanish it means asado

Violationin Spanish means Pan

Butterin Spanish it's called mantequilla

Eisin Spanish it means hielo / helado

Essenin Spanish it's called Comida

FischPez is Spanish

MeatCarne is Spanish

Vegetablesin Spanish it means verdura

drinkin Spanish it means Bebida

MilchLeche in Spanish

Mineral waterin Spanish it means agua mineral

Chocolatein Spanish it means chocolate

Teein Spanish it means Té

Vocabulary learning video 1

Hungerin Spanish it means hambre

CheeseQueso is Spanish

Cakein Spanish means pastel

Groceriesin Spanish means comestibles

Magenin Spanish stomach

seafoodin Spanish it is called Marisco

MilchLeche in Spanish

Dessertin Spanish it means Postre

Fruitin Spanish it is called fruta

oilin Spanish it means Aceite

the pepperin Spanish it is called pimienta

SaltSal means in Spanish

SauceIn Spanish it means salsa

HamJamón in Spanish

Chocolatein Spanish it means chocolate

foodin Spanish it means comida / plato

Sopa in Spanish is called Sopa

Candy in Spanish is called dulce

to prepare in Spanish means Preparar

starterin Spanish it's called entrada

Wurstin Spanish it means embutido / salchicha

Kidneysin Spanish heisst Kidney

beefin Spanish it means carne de vaca

pork meatin Spanish it means carne de cerdo

Steak in Spanish means bistec / filete

Turkey in Spanish is Pavo

Wurstin Spanish it means embutido / salchicha

WhiskyWhiskey in Spanish

vodkaIn Spanish it means vodka

Weinin Spanish it means vino

Plug in Spanish means enchufe

Chair in Spanish is called silla

Cup in Spanish means taza

teaspoonin Spanish it means cucharilla

Tellerin Spanish means plato

Tischin Spanish it means mesa

tableclothin Spanish it means coat

Potin Spanish it means olla

Clock in Spanish means hora

Washing machine in Spanish is called lavadora

water tapin Spanish it means grifo

roast meatin Spanish it means asado

Essenin Spanish it is called comida

Herdin Spanish it means cocina / fogón

Kiloin spanish means kilo

Fridge in Spanish is called frigorífico

Liter in Spanish means litro

Microwave in Spanish is called microondas

Ovenin Spanish it means horno

Waterin Spanish it means agua

In the restaurant dialogue in SpanishVideo 2

Vocabulary restaurant

  1. frischfresco
  2. PurchasedCooked
  3. Tastelesstasteless
  4. Seasonedwell seasoned, almost spicy
  5. HartStand
  6. YummyTasty
  7. MildSuave
  8. RohRaw
  9. SaltySalado
  10. SauerAcid
  11. ScharfSpicy
  12. BadPlace
  13. SweetDulce
  14. Frozenfrozen
  15. SoftSoft
  16. Taste goodknow to
  17. the twitchr sugar
  18. The fryRoast
  19. The breadPan
  20. Die Butterbutter
  21. The iceice
  22. The foodfood
  23. The fishPez
  24. The meatCarne
  25. The vegetableVegetables
  26. The drinkk drink
  27. The milkLeche
  28. The mineral watermineral water
  29. The chocolateChocolate
  30. The teaTea
  31. The hungerHunger
  32. The cheeseQueso
  33. The cakePastel
  34. Groceriesgroceries
  35. The stomachStomach
  36. SeafoodShellfish
  37. The milkLeche
  38. The dessertDessert
  39. The fruitFruit
  40. The oilOil
  41. The pepperPepper
  42. The saltSal
  43. The sauceSalsa
  44. The hamHam
  45. The chocolateChocolate
  46. The foodfood / dish
  47. The soupSopa
  48. The sweetDulce
  49. preparePrepare
  50. The appetizerProhibited
  51. The sausagesausage / sausage
  52. The kidneyKidney
  53. The beefcow meat
  54. The porkPork Meat
  55. Das Steakbistec / filete
  56. The turkeyThere
  57. The sausagesausage / sausage
  58. Der WhiskyWhisky
  59. The vodkaVodka
  60. The wineVino

In Spanish it means…

frisch(of the day) in Spanish means fresco (del día)

Purchasedin Spanish it means cocido

Tastelessin Spanish it means sin gusto

Seasonedin Spanish it means bien aliñado, casi picante

HartDuro is Spanish for it

Yummyin Spanish it is called Sabroso

Mildin Spanish it means Suave

RohCrudo is Spanish

SaltySalado is Spanish

Sauerin Spanish it means Ácido

Scharfin Spanish it means picante

BadMalo in Spanish

SweetDulce in Spanish

Frozenin Spanish it means congelado

SoftBlando in Spanish

Taste goodin Spanish saber means a

The sugarin Spanish it means Azucar

The fryin Spanish it means asado

The breadin Spanish means Pan

Die Butterin Spanish it's called mantequilla

The ice cream in Spanish is called hielo / helado

The food in Spanish is called Comida

The FischPez is Spanish

The meatCarne is Spanish

The vegetablein Spanish it means verdura

The drinkin Spanish it means Bebida

The milkLeche in Spanish

The mineral waterin Spanish it means agua mineral

The chocolatein Spanish it means chocolate

The teain Spanish it means Té

The hungerin Spanish it means hambre

The cheeseQueso is Spanish

The cakein Spanish means pastel

Groceriesin Spanish means comestibles

The stomachin Spanish stomach

Seafoodin Spanish it is called Marisco

The milkLeche in Spanish

The dessertin Spanish it means Postre

The fruitin Spanish it is called fruta

The oilin Spanish it means Aceite

The pepperin Spanish it is called pimienta

The saltSal means in Spanish

The sauceIn Spanish it means salsa

The hamJamón in Spanish

The chocolatein Spanish it means chocolate

The foodin Spanish it means comida / plato

The soupin Spanish it means sopa

The sweetDulce in Spanish

preparein Spanish means Preparar

The appetizerin Spanish it's called entrada

The sausagein Spanish it means embutido / salchicha

The kidneyin Spanish heisst Kidney

The beefin Spanish it means carne de vaca

The porkin Spanish it means carne de cerdo

Das Steakin Spanish it means bistec / filete

The turkeyin Spanish it's Pavo

The sausagein Spanish it means embutido / salchicha

Der WhiskyWhiskey in Spanish

The vodkaIn Spanish it means vodka

The winein Spanish it means vino

The plugin Spanish it means enchufe

The chairin Spanish it means silla

The cupin Spanish it means taza

The teaspoonin Spanish it means cucharilla

The dishin Spanish means plato

The tablein Spanish it means mesa

The tableclothin Spanish it means coat

The potin Spanish it means olla

The clockin Spanish it means hora

The washing machinein Spanish it means lavadora

The faucetin Spanish it means grifo

The fryin Spanish it means asado

The foodin Spanish it is called comida

The stovein Spanish it means cocina / fogón

The kiloin spanish means kilo

The refrigeratorin Spanish it means frigorífico

The literin Spanish it means litro

The microwavein Spanish it means microondas

The ovenin Spanish it means horno

The waterin Spanish it means agua



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What is an example of a dialogue conversation about food? ›

Waiter: And what would you like for your main course? Kim: I'd like a grilled cheese sandwich. Waiter: Would you like anything to drink? Kim: Yes, I'd like a glass of Coke, please.

How do you order food in Spanish dialogue? ›

Key phrases in the conversation:
  1. “Pasen por aquí por favor” means “Come this way please!”
  2. “Me gustaría comer de todo” means “I'd like to try everything”
  3. “Voy a pedir/ordenar” means “I will order…”

How do you say waiter in restaurant in Spanish? ›

el mesero; la mesera.

How do you start a conversation at a restaurant? ›

How do you start a conversation? (4 easy, proven ways)
  1. Ask about what they are eating.
  2. Ask if they are regulars.
  3. Ask them for recommendations.
  4. Ask them about how they found the restaurant.
  5. Pay attention to their eating behavior.
  6. Share a table (or offer to do so).
  7. Talk to the waiter.
Sep 20, 2022

What are 3 examples of dialogue? ›

Dialogue Definition
  • "Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat: 'we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."
  • "How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
  • "You must be,' said the Cat, 'or you wouldn't have come here."

What Spanish phrase would you use to order in a restaurant? ›

3) Ordering food in Spanish. Once you've had a chance to browse the menu, and know what you are going to order, the can use the verbs Pedir (to ask for) or Ordenar (to order). – ¿Le(s) puedo tomar su orden? – ¿Desea ordenar?

How do you say check in Spanish restaurant? ›

La cuenta literally means “the account”, but is translated in English as “the check”. (slow) La cu-en-ta. La cuenta. And after that we have por favor, an expression that you already know.

How do you talk to a guest at a restaurant? ›

Speak Appropriately
  1. Greet your diners the minute they walk in the door.
  2. Use respectful titles – sir, ma'am and miss work well.
  3. Don't interrupt.
  4. Listen intently and pay attention to what they want.
  5. Be thoroughly versed on your menu. Ask questions and repeat their orders to make sure you get it right.

What should I say in a restaurant? ›

Learn these restaurant phrases for the next time you go to a restaurant.
  • Table for (number) , please. ...
  • What are your specials? ...
  • I would like the … /I'll have the… ...
  • Could I please have an extra napkin? ...
  • Could we see a dessert menu, please? ...
  • Could we have the bill/check, please? ...
  • Can I pay by card?
Jan 29, 2023

How do you greet a restaurant script? ›

Restaurant greeting scripts:

Good: Hello, welcome to {restaurant}, how many people will be dining today? Bad: "Table for two?" Good: “Hello, may I have the name on the reservation?” Bad: “Do you have a reservation?”

What are 2 dialogue writing examples? ›

Example of a dialogue tag before dialogue: Ken said, "That sunset is incredible!" Example of a dialogue tag after dialogue: "I prefer sunrises," Joe replied. Example of a dialogue tag breaking up dialogue: "If you want to see a sunrise," Ken said, "we can go hiking in the morning next time."

How do you write dialogue correctly? ›

How to structure dialogue
  1. In US English, dialogue goes inside double quotation marks (“dialogue”). ...
  2. Every time a new character speaks, start a new paragraph. ...
  3. When a character's dialogue extends beyond a paragraph, use quotation marks at the beginning of the second and/or subsequent paragraph.
Jun 24, 2022

How do you start a dialogue sentence? ›

Place dialogue tags at the beginning of a sentence.

When placing dialogue tags at the beginning of complete sentences, a comma should come after the dialogue tag. If the dialogue comes at the start of a new sentence, the first word of the sentence should have a capital letter.

How do you start a dialogue? ›

10 ways to start a conversation
  1. Ask for information. A good way to start a conversation is to ask for information from the person you want to talk to. ...
  2. Comment on something pleasant. ...
  3. Introduce yourself. ...
  4. Mention a shared experience. ...
  5. Ask an opinion. ...
  6. Show genuine interest. ...
  7. Ask about them. ...
  8. Comment on the weather.
Mar 16, 2023

What is the dialogue sentence? ›

Most dialogue sentences are made of two parts: the dialogue, which is the spoken portion of the sentence, and then the dialogue tag, which identifies the speaker. What is this? In this example, we have the following sentence, spoken by Martha. “I am going to the zoo,” said Martha.

What do Spanish people say before a meal? ›

Wait until the host begins eating or says, “¡Buen Provecho!” or “¡Provecho!” (Enjoy your meal) to begin eating your meal. Use your eating utensils: You will be given a fork, a spoon, and a knife to use while eating.

How do you order in a restaurant example? ›

Here are more ways to order food, ranging from most formal to least formal.
  • Could I have the (dish name), please? ( polite)
  • I'd like the.../I'll have the... ( polite)
  • The (dish name), please. ( neutral)
  • I want the (dish name). ( informal)
  • Give me the (dish name). ( informal)
Jun 24, 2022

How do you say tip in Spanish restaurant? ›

In Spain a tip is known as 'una propina' when it is given directly to a waiter/waitress or as 'el bote' when it is placed in a jar or bottle on a bar.

What are some words or phrases that waiters at nice restaurants use? ›

At the restaurant (guest – waiter) – Sentences in English
  • A table for two, please.
  • May we sit at this table?
  • The menu, please.
  • What's on the menu?
  • What's Irish Stew like?
  • We're not ready yet.
  • The steak for me, please.
  • Can you bring me the ketchup, please?

What is the correct way to order steak in a restaurant Spanish? ›

To order a rare steak, ask for it "poco hecho." A well-done steak would be "muy hecho." Keep in mind that waiters will typically only ask how you would like your meat cooked if you've ordered a beef steak. How to use it: El chuletón para mi en su punto, por favor. (I'd like my steak cooked medium rare, please.)

How do you politely ask for something at a restaurant in Spanish? ›

This is the most common way of asking: Para llevar, for favor. = For takeout, please. If, on the contrary, you'd like to specify that you'll eat at the restaurant, then just say para comer aquí.

How do you say delicious in Spanish for a restaurant? ›

Put these words into practice next time you are eating at a Spanish-speaking friend's house or while trying a dish at a restaurant while traveling. ✅ ¡Qué rico! (Delicious!)

How do you ask for your bill in a restaurant in Spanish? ›

Catch the waiter's attention and ask “Can we have the bill, please?” or “Check, please.” to see how much you need to pay. The waiter might ask if you want to pay separately or as a group. Check the bill to see if a service charge or tip has been added. This is money that is given to the waiting staff for good service.

Do you say bill or check at a restaurant? ›

Check the bill

In the UK, you ask for the bill; in the USA, it's the check. If you mix them up, you'll still be understood clearly, but it will help with your cultural immersion and your confidence if you remember the correct term and practice getting it right.

How do Mexicans ask for the check? ›

La cuenta, por favor.

Once you're done eating, some helpful Mexican food phrases to know is how to pay for your food. A good phrase to know to ask for the check is “La cuenta, por favor” (check please).

Can you say check at a restaurant? ›

Definition: An informal way to ask for the bill at a restaurant. The phrase “check, please” is an informal way to ask for the bill at a restaurant. The origin of this phrase is unclear, although its first recorded use was in the mid-19th century. This phrase is most commonly used in American English.

Why do we say check please at a restaurant? ›

“The conventional wisdom is that the check (an Americanism) dates to the mid-nineteenth century and was used because the bill served as a means of checking what dishes were being charged,” explained Andrew Haley, an associate professor of American cultural history at the University of Southern Mississippi and author of ...

What do you say when you're a waitress? ›

Let me know if you have any questions during your meal, I'm here to help. Hi folks, my name is [first name]. Can I start you all off with our specials? [Dish] is my favorite, I just tried it recently. My name is [first name] - I'll let you get settled and be back with some waters for the table.

What are 5 ways to say hello? ›

Formal Ways To Say “Hello”
  • Good morning/afternoon/evening. These are classic, formal phrases to use when greeting someone, whether it's the first time meeting them or if you've already met them before. ...
  • Pleased to meet you. ...
  • It's nice to meet you. ...
  • It's good to see you. ...
  • How are you? ...
  • Hey. ...
  • What's up? ...
  • What's new?

How do you talk during a meal? ›

How to Have Better Dinner Conversations
  1. Consciously seek out conducive environments. ...
  2. Have only one conversation at a time. ...
  3. Ask open-ended questions. ...
  4. Ask a second question. ...
  5. Draw out those who are reticent to speak. ...
  6. Pay attention to people's physical needs. ...
  7. Do more listening than talking.

What do waiters say when welcoming guests in restaurants? ›

Making guests feel welcome goes a long way towards making their dining experience a good one. Use a polite and friendly greeting when a guest walks in or pulls into the drive-through. For example, you could say, “Hi, how may I help you?” or, “Thanks for coming in tonight.

What is an example of a conversation between waiter and customer? ›

Customer: After 25 minutes, still not getting the food, will have to wait for more? Waiter: Sir 15 minutes more needed, kitchen has more orders, so wait, please. Customer: You should have told me the time while taking the food order, I had to go to work. Waiter: No more waiting, food will not be late for 15 minutes.

What is a good sentence for restaurant? ›

We had dinner in the hotel's restaurant. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food at the restaurant was good and the waiters were polite. The seafood restaurant specializes in serving fish and shellfish.

What do you say after eating in a restaurant? ›

Saying “itadakimasu” shows gratefulness for the meal. First, because “itadaku” is also thought of as, “Thank you very much for giving up your life for me to live my life.” Secondly, it also shows thanks to the person who has prepared the meal.

What is restaurant in simple words? ›

A restaurant is a business that prepares and serves food and drinks to customers. Meals are generally served and eaten on the premises, but many restaurants also offer take-out and food delivery services.

What is the first step in greeting a guest on arrival at the restaurant? ›

Own it Immediately With a Smile

Your body language will set the tone of the entire interaction, so start with a smile. Before even saying the word hello, make sure your expression conveys the message that you are happy to see the customer walk through the door.

How do you greet before eating? ›

What to say before a meal
  1. Let's dig in (or 'dig in')
  2. Enjoy your meal (or 'enjoy')
  3. Hope you enjoy what we've made for you.
  4. Bon appetit.
Jan 16, 2019

How do you welcome guest dialogue? ›

Sample Script for When a Guest Has a Special Request

Hotel Receptionist: Good [morning/afternoon/evening], welcome to [Hotel Name]. It's our pleasure to have you with us today. May I please have your name and reservation details? Hotel Receptionist: Thank you for choosing to stay with us.

How do you make a food conversation? ›

Discussion Questions:
  1. What is your favorite food? How often do you eat it?
  2. Which foods taste bad to you?
  3. Is your country famous for any foods? What are they?
  4. Who usually does the food shopping in your household? Where do they prefer to shop?

What is an example of a quote about food? ›

Famous quotes in English
Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.Albert Einstein
May the Force be with you.Star Wars (many characters)
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.Eleanor Roosevelt
Not all those who wander are lost.J. R. R. Tolkein
54 more rows

What is an example of a topic sentence about food? ›

Answer: For example, if your paper is on healthy food leading to a longer life, your topic sentence would be: Eating healthy food is the way to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is connected to eating healthy food. Eating healthy food is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

What are some examples of dialogue speaking? ›

For example: "I don't want to go home," said Julia. "I like it here at the zoo. The animals are all so funny." She began to cry and then wailed, "I didn't even get to see the elephants!"

How do you start a conversation at lunch? ›

Conversation Starters for Any Situation
  1. Tell me about you. ...
  2. Working on anything exciting lately? ...
  3. What's your story? ...
  4. What personal passion project are you working on right now? ...
  5. How do you know the host? ...
  6. What was the highlight of your day today? ...
  7. What was the highlight of your week?

What do you talk about at meal time? ›

Conversations while eating should not only relate to food. Recap the day's events and talk about what experiences they will be participating in later that day. For example, ask about what they saw on their morning walk as they collected leaves. Also, follow the children's lead when they bring up a topic for discussion.

What are 5 quotes about food? ›

Enjoy some of our favorite food quotes.
  • ““ Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.” – ...
  • “ There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” – ...
  • “ You have to taste a culture to understand it” – Deborah Cater.
  • “ I know once people get connected to real food, they never change back.” – ...
  • “ ...
May 23, 2022

What is a simple sentence for food? ›

Use “food” in a sentence

She went out to buy some food. I can't eat this food; it tastes awful! Have you ever eaten Japanese food? I don't like fried food.

What are 2 examples of topic sentences? ›

Topic Sentence: It is important to be ready before buying a house. The topic is "buying a house" and the controlling idea is “it is important to be ready." Topic Sentence: Graduating from high school is important for many different reasons.

How do you make 5 sentences with eat? ›

[M] [T] Eat your soup before it gets cold. [M] [T] He didn't give me anything to eat. [M] [T] My father does not eat much fruit. [M] [T] She got him to eat his vegetables.


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